Synergy Girls

Ladies, fight fit with the Girl’s Class trainer Sarah Tareen! These are not casual sessions where you can carry conversations on a treadmill while ‘working out’. The 1 hour kickboxing class will leave you feeling great and work your whole body!

14502967_1122607171154040_6470825164826607729_nDo you think kickboxing is too rough and un-ladylike? Think again! For women, kickboxing is the ultimate total-body workout. It strengthens, tones and reduces fat – and all in one go. Kickboxing also improves flexibility, coordination and gets your cardiovascular fitness levels in tip-top shape. Kickboxing quite literally kicks your butt into shape.

We will also help with nutrition or any other fitness goals you have. For a free trial session, call our front desk at 0334-4137706.